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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Batman Beyond
Mostly interested in cels of the various villians. I'd like to get a nice rogues gallery going. High
Batman TAS
I'm trying to get an assortment of Batmans rogue gallery. The villians are some of the most interesting characters in my opinion. High
I'm very interested in acquiring cels of non-main characters such as Fluffy & Uranus or Grandma and etc.,. Very High
Dungeons & Dragons
I'll take anything I can get from this series. Will Give Kidney
G.I. Joe
Looking for any Original Marvel/Sunbow G.I Joe cels. Very High
Heavy Metal
The B-17 story was my favorite. Plus I'm a big zombie fan. So anything featuring the zombies or whatever from this story would interest me. I still need a couple nice cels of Harry Canyon and the Mystery girl to. Medium
Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors
A few cels of some monster Minds would help round out my collection. High
Spicy City
I'm interested in just about anything from this series but there are a few key characters i'm really looking for to. If you have anything at all let me know. Very High
The Critic
I'm basically looking for anything from this show. Very High
The Tick
I'm really looking for any actual production cels of characters other than Tick and Arthur. But i'll be interested in just about anything. Very High
I wouldn't mind obtaining a few cels of the main characters from bthis show. Medium
Transformers Cels
Any G1 Transformers cels from the series or the movie. Very High

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