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This is my collection of autographed 1985 Transformers trading cards by Milton Bradley. I've always been pretty fond of this set of cards. Especially the profile cards which I always get autographed by the characters voice actors whenever possible. I have to confess that for whatever reason this is one of my favorite things to collect. Hopefully i'll be able to keep adding to this collection as the years pass by.

 Red Alert - Michael Chain

 Powerglide - Michael Chain

 Skids - Michael Chain

 Ironhide - Peter Cullen

 Optimus Prime - Peter Cullen

 Grimlock - Gregg Berger

 Jetfire - Gregg Berger

 Bumblebee - Dan Gilvezan

 Tracks - Michael McConnohie

 Cosmos - Michael McConnohie

 Cliffjumper - Casey Kasem

 Hoist - Michael Chain

 Optimus Prime - Peter Cullen

 Wally Burr - Voice Director for The Transformers

Curator: Mace
Gallery Created: 8/11/2002
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