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The Venture Bros.

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To start off with, I firmly believe that "The Venture Bros." is quite literally one of the BEST animated shows to ever exist. So if you haven't yet seen it then just stop right now and go buy the dvd's!! You will not regret it.

I don't normally collect production drawings. But since this is a more recent show and all of the images are done on computer that really has a tendacy to cut down on what you're able to collect. So that being the case i'm more than happy to buy whatever I can from this particular show. I've been very fortunate in what i've gotten so far. I like to think that i've managed to obtain some very cool and rare pieces of artwork. Hopefully you'll agree.

 Dr.Venture - Pilot

 Hank & Dean Venture - Pilot

 Brock Samson - Pilot

 The Monarch

 Dr.Mrs.The Monarch



 Triana Orpheus

 Billy Quizboy




 Wonder Boy

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