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***Please be advised that these drawings contain nudity and some might be considered offensive!***

These are some Disney Gag Drawings that I bought a few years ago. These drawings are all on production sheets with pegholes and were actually drawn by disney animators in their downtime or while taking breaks from working on projects and etc.,. I'm not sure but from the looks of these i'd say they were possibly made during the 50's or 60's. The only other disney gag drawings I myself have ever seen are on the "Wonderful World of Animation" website. The drawings they have up are from the 40's while i'm pretty sure mine are from the 50's on up. I think these type of things are very interesting myself and hopefully you will to.

 Fish Girl

 Blast Off

 Cow Girl

 Disney Animators

 Potty Humor

 Breakfast In Bed

 Nice Melons

 What's Up Doc?

Curator: Mace
Gallery Created: 8/11/2002
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