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G.I.Joe was one of the three main toy lines/cartoons that made up most of my childhood. The other two being Transformers and Star Wars. Sure, there were other shows that would come and go as well over the years. But those were the big three. They had staying power. And not just with me but with all the other people who grew up watching them as well. I think thats still evident even to this day.

This show was produced by Marvel/Sunbow whom of course did Transformers as well. Both series shared a lot of voice actors and writers. It's too bad they never did an actual all out crossover between the two series. That would have been pretty awesome. The closest we got was Cobra Commander showing up in a season three episode of Transformers going by by the name of "Old Snake".


 Scarlet & Crimson Guards


 Cobra Commander

 The Baroness


 Tomax, Xamot, Dusty


 Lady Jaye

 Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank

 The U.S.S. Flagg

 The Cobra Helicarrier

 Cobra Rattler

 Cobra F.A.N.G.

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