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One of the more recent animated shows that i've really enjoyed is Cartoon Networks "Samurai Jack". It was created by Genndy Tartakovsky who also brought us "Dexter's Laboratory" and "The Powerpuff Girls". I really don't think there has been a show yet that I have not liked by Genndy but I do think Samurai Jack is my favorite so far.
The main characters were voiced by Phil Lamarr who is Jack and the late, great Mako who was the main villian of the show Aku. Mako was also the voice of uncle Iro on Avatar.
The backgrounds on this series are just downright beautiful and were basicaly just as much part of the show as the main characters were. And you also get a lot of variety in style due to Jack constantly traveling to different locations while searching for a way back to his own time. He was hardly ever in the same place twice.
Since this show was animated by computer that means there are no animation cels to collect. Which is a bummer. But I will admit that these backgrounds almost make up for that fact.

 Jack Vs. Aku Drawing from Episode XIV

 Background from Episode XIX

 Background from Episode XI

 Background from Episode XXII

 Background from Episode VII

 Background from Episode VII

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