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Spicy City Originally aired on HBO as a thirty minute weekly series. It premiered July 11, 1997 and last aired August 22, 1997. Which only gave it a total of six episodes before being canceled. Rumors of it's premature cancelation were due to creative differences between the shows creator and the network. Apparently the network wanted to bring in it's own writers for the second season of the show.The series creator was against that idea so he quit.
Spicy City was created by well known animated storyteller Ralph Bakshi. He was the filmmaker behind classic
pieces of adult animation such as Fritz the Cat,Heavy Traffic,Wizards,Fire & Ice,The Lord of the Rings animated movie and etc.,., As it turns out this was the last animated series that Mr.Bakshi worked on before unofficially retiring.
Spicy City is an anthology of sexy and risque animated stories set in a futuristic city with sci-fi twists.
Michelle Phillips voices bar owner Raven,the hostess of the show and only reoccuring character who
introduces the stories.
This show was one of the first animated
series with a "TV-MA" rating, following Todd McFarlane's Spawn which it was paired with.
Spicy City had viloence,nudity,sex,death and so on. Despite all of that serious subject matter the series was a little too light hearted and slapsticky in certain areas than I would have personally liked it to have been. But i'd still definitely recomend it to anyone. Some of the stories had some fairly decent concepts. Especially "Eye For An Eye" which is my favorite episode.

 Mr.Flaxson & Melissa Hologram

 Elvira - Ernie's Wife


 Virus & Nissa Lolita

 Margo & Frenchy

 Detective Loh & Melissa Clone

 Margo & Elvira

 Raven & Customer

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