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This was definitely one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoon shows in recent years.

"The Tick" premeired in 1994 on Fox Kids and ran for three seasons. The show was written by the Ticks creator Ben Edlund who adapted the cartoon from his independant comic featuring a lot of the same characters that turned up in the show. The animated series was made by Sunbow who was also responsible for the original Transformers and G.I.Joe series of the eighties. I believe "The Tick" was also the last animated series Sunbow worked on.

The series was basically a spoof on modern day Superheroes.Some of the main re-occuring characters were American Maid,Sewer Urchin and Diefladermouse. All three of which are parodies of other well known comic book characters.

After the shows cancelation from Fox "Comedy Central" Started airing late night reruns of it which is why it eventually became a cult hit among fans.

 The Tick

 Die Fladermouse

 Arthur, Eclair & Diefledermaus

 The Tick


 The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight

 Proto Clown

 American Maid & Yank

 Sewer Urchin

 Arthur & Carmelita

 The Tick,Arthur & Aliens

 The Tick Vs. The Tick

 Arthur Vs. Arthur

  The Tick

 The Tick Vs. Chairface Chippendale

 The Tick Vs. Professor Chromedome

 Tick & Arthur

 Big Bad Arthur


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