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This was one of my guilty pleasures. I hardly ever got to catch this toon when it was originally on the USA channel due to my work schedule. Not until it starting airing on Comedy Central did I finally get to catch the series in it's entirety. I used to love late Sunday night on that channel. They'd show a cartoon block of Duckman,The Tick,Bob & Margaret and The Critic. Entertainment at it's best.

Duckman was voiced by Jason Alexander who is most well known for his role of "George" on Seinfeld. Duckman's partner Cornfed Pig was voiced by Gregg Berger who is a seasoned vet at voice work. Some of his other well known cartoon characters are Grimlock from the original G1 Transformers, Kay from the Men In Black cartoon series and also Odie from Garfield.

 Duckman,King Chicken, Bernice, Honey Chicken

 Duckman & Cornfed (Pan cel)

 Duckmans Family

 Duckman & Ajax


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Gallery Created: 8/11/2002
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