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Transformers : TV Cels ( Sequence)

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This particular section of TV cels features an almost complete sequence of Ironhide and Sunstreaker transforming from their vehicle modes to robots. This is a 16 cel sequence in total but it is unfortunately missing the first two cels out of that sequence. I would to have loved to had this as a complete sequence but considering the rarity of these cels in the first place I shouldn't complain too much. Getting one cel is hard enough but being able to get a sequence of cels from Transformers is almost unheard of.

These cels originate from season one episode five entitled : Roll For It

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 3

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 4

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 5

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 6

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 7

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 8

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 9

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 10

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 11

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 12

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 13

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 14

 Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 15

  Ironhide & Sunstreaker Cel 16 End

Curator: Mace
Gallery Created: 8/11/2002
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