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"It is the year 2005. The treacherous Decepticons have conquered the Autobots home planet of cybertron. But from secret staging grounds on two of cybertron's moons the valiant Autobots prepare to retake their homeland."

That was the opening narration to the theatrical debut of "Transformers the Movie". Supposedly the movie bombed at the box office. Which I find hard to believe because my brother and I were turned away from the movie the first time we went to see it on opening day due to it being "sold out". I remember there being a line of kids out the door into the street waiting to see this thing. We eventually got to see it a day or two after that. Little did we know at that time that we were about to witness some of our favorite transformers actually get killed off in the first few minutes of the movie. I still rembember being shocked at watching Prowl and Iron Hide getting blown away! You just never saw things like that on the television show. But regardless of those infamous scenes the movie has obtained a large cult following and become a favorite among the fans. Myself included.

 Optimus Prime



 Rodimus Prime



 Reformatted Megatron

 Cyclonus & His Armada


 The Planet Junkion


 Unicron light FX

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