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Cobra Rattler
Source: TV
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Added 7/31/2011
Updated 3/11/2013
Here is another staple in Cobra's military forces, the cobra Rattler. It pretty much makes up the main portion of Cobras air force. Cobra has a few other flight vehicles but they're basically all one person vehicles used for short range attacks.The Rattler however is a full sized plane that carries quite a heavy payload of missles and other destructive devices. It's also a V.T.O.L(Vertical take off and landing) vehicle. Which of course means that it doesn't need a runway. It can just rotate it's wings engines vertically and either fly or land straight up or down. Which is what the Rattler is shown doing in this particular cel. It's landing inside the hidden flight bay of Extensive Enterprises.

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Curator: Mace
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